There are multiple tools available over the internet to check the similarity of a claim or a patent. There are pros and cons of every tool and a user can sometimes have a hard time deciding what to use where. In such situations, people tend to use the services they trust. People tend to rely on big tech companies when it comes to choosing between a variety of options because they are perceived to be doing well in every area. Such is the case with Google Patents.

Although Google Patents is a well all-round search engine for patent data, it…

In a data-driven organization, there is a constant need to provide vast amounts of data to the teams. There are many tools available to aid your requirements and needs. Choosing the right tool can be a little challenging and overwhelming at times. The basic principle you can keep in mind is that there is no right tool or architecture, it depends on what you need.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to build a simple event-driven data pipeline in AWS. Pipelines are often scheduled or interval based, however, the event-driven concept is unique and a good starting…

If you are a growing data-driven organization, you might have been working to harvest large amounts of data to extract valuable insights from it. This can be costly and inefficient unless the data science team adopts the repeatable solutions to common problems. Although the specifics of organizations may vary, the basic principles remain the same. There are some common features that you can encapsulate into a data pipeline. Let’s look at a common problem and see how we overcame it.

Our team members at Traindex manually performed recurring tasks. These tasks included data cleaning, model training, testing, and so on…

Eshban Suleman

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